05. January 2024

About autonomous robots and traveling

Yanisa Srithong, a IAESTE research intern from Thailand, inspires at the IPM with her project work on autonomous vehicles.

Yanisa Srithong comes from Khon Kaen in Thailand and stayed at Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences from October to December 2023 as part of the IAESTE international student exchange program. Her internship task included the development of the first prototype applications for autonomous vehicles and the creation of documentation describing the necessary workflow. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, Yanisa carried out extensive literature research and studied lots of documentation and programming examples. She also familiarized herself intensively with how the autonomous vehicle works and learned how to use the ROS development environment and the Python programming language. ROS, the Robot Operating System, is a free software platform that enables developers to create and execute complex robot applications with a reasonable amount of work.

Yanisa worked purposefully and reliably. Therefore, and within a short space of time, she was able to acquire the knowledge required for the internship task in a subject area that was new to her. Also, in a working environment that was initially unfamiliar to her, she soon distinguished herself through her excellent communication skills and her collegial, positive and cheerful approach to work. She demonstrated her skills as a team player too: her professional collaboration with the two Mexican students Luis Gerardo Rosales Anduaga and Jose Jathir Rubio Delgado was a prime example of international teamwork.

On December 21, she finally presented the results of her work at the Institute of Process Engineering, Process Automation and Measuring Technology (IPM), which she was also able to demonstrate in practice by having a model vehicle equipped with camera and LIDAR sensors drive autonomously and collision-free through the lecture room. In a separate presentation, she also gave the auditorium beautiful and impressive insights into her home country.

The young researcher often spent her free time at weekends exploring cities such as Dresden, Paris, Berlin, Wroclaw and Prague and meeting up with other IAESTE students. In the end, she proved to be a real globetrotter who knew how to make the most of her internship.

We are very proud of Yanisa's success and wish her all the best for the future.

Foto: HSZG From left to right: Daniel Fiß (IPM employee and IAESTE supervisor), Luis Gerardo Rosales Anduaga, Yanisa Srithong, Jose Jathir Rubio Delgado, Helene Oriwol (IAESTE member and KIA student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

The IPM in the IAESTE exchange program

World map showing the countries of origin of all IAESTE students at the IPM since 2001

For many years, the IPM has offered two to three internships a year for students from abroad as part of the IAESTE exchange program. Since then, the institute has welcomed over 40 IAESTE students who have worked on internship topics in the natural sciences and engineering together with our staff. In 2020, the IPM received an award for over 15 years of practical partnerships for foreign students.

Interested in an internship abroad?

IAESTE stands for: International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience.

The program is about arranging and carrying out work-related internships, preferably in the natural sciences and engineering. More than 90 countries around the world participate in the program.

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