Research Focus

Power Generation, Steam Generator and Fuel Technology


In this department we concentrate on analysis, simulation and optimization of conventional power plants and thermochemical conversation plants. The corresponding fuel spectrum reaches from conventional lignite and coal as well as replacement fuels to renewable bio mass and biogenic byproducts.

Our working fields cover material and energetic balancing, thermodynamical and operational assessment as well as simulation of processes in power plants. The scale reaches from major power plants to smaller, biomass-based facilities or cogeneration units. Within the scope of process analysis and simulation we use statistical methods and mathematical algorithms besides thermodynamic and thermohydraulic models.

In addition to the detailed analysis and evaluation of a wide variety of fuels with regard to their application behavior, our investigations also focus on the complication analysis and condition monitoring of the energy plants that convert these fuels. In combustion plants, for example, slagging and fouling of heating surfaces and heat transfer but also pollutant emissions and corrosion of heating surfaces have to be analyzed. 

In order to be able to investigate the energy conversion processes and the associated equipment in the laboratory, we have a large number of test rigs, e.g. various incineration and drying plants and a complete small cogeneration plant. These are equipped with comprehensive measurement technology, which enables us to record the phenomena under investigation in detail.

A system of radiometric temperature measurement has been developed in the department for the monitoring and operational management of steam generator furnaces.


Focus Areas

Process diagnosis and operational optimisation in power plant technology

  • Operation management of power plant systems, steam generators and thermochemical conversion facilities
  • Thermodynamic and operational assessment of power plant cycles and complex thermotechnical processes
  • Dynamics of power generation systems

Complication analysis and condition monitoring of furnace systems 

  • Slagging/fouling of steam generator surfaces
  • heat transfer
  • pollutant emission
  • ignition and combustion behavior
  • dry-milling in fan mills

Modeling and simulation

  • Stationäre und fluiddynamische Simulation energietechnischer Anlagen
  • stationary and fluid-dynamical simulation of power generation systems
  • Differentialgleichungssysteme und thermodynamische Gleichgewichtsberechnungen
  • differential equation systems and thermodynamic balance calculations
  • power and material flow balancing

Data analysis, modeling and optimisation of energy conversion processes

  • statistical methods
  • cluster analysis
  • artificial neural networks
  • genetic algorithms

Assessment of combustion behavior of fuels

  • lignite and coal
  • renewable fuels
  • substitute fuels

High-temperature measurement methods for fuels

  • monitoring and operational management of steam generator furnaces using radiometric temperature measurment


head of department

Foto: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Tobias Zschunke
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.
Tobias Zschunke
Institut für Prozesstechnik, Prozessautomatisierung und Messtechnik
02763 Zittau
Theodor-Körner-Allee 8
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