Research Focus

Measurement Technology and Process Automation


In the department Measurement Technology and Process Automation we are involved with methodical and experimental research and development tasks around energy supply, measurement methods, process automation, digital safety control systems as well as modeling and simulation.

The experimental work requires the development, design and project planning of specific test stands. This includes, among other things, the design, dimensioning and construction of plant components, the integration of process and control technology, the flexibilization and process optimization as well as the implementation of measurement technology and automation concepts for the precise operation of the plants.

Experimental investigations include concept and component tests using the major test stand THERESA (thermal energy storage facility) and additional, connected test stands (DAQUA, AUTOKLAV, TMS, SCTF). They include experimental analysis of measurement and automation concepts as well as static and dynamic performance of measurement methods. Another focus of the department is at experimental validation of simulation models in the areas of process automation, flexibilisation of thermal facilities and energy storage. Further research tasks include experimental investigations and simulations with the subjects CARNOT-Battery (thermomechanical storage, TMS), steam quality measurement system (DAQUA), water-steam compression.

Moreover, our tasks include development of measurement methods which analyse the performance of systems and determine required measurement configurations. One comprehensive area involves development of models, simulation of static and dynamic performance of storage processes in connection with the system performance as well as measurement and control technology. In addition, there is the simulation-based analysis of measurement methods and the simulation of thermal process engineering processes. For this simulation tools like EBSILON, ATHLET, Matlab/Simulink, R and Python are used as well as the inhouse-developed DynStar for simulation of dynamic processes.

In the area of digital safety control technology, we deal with structural analysis as well as the safety-related evaluation of structures in the field of energy and process engineering. Through our simulation software DynStar we are able to adapt or extend our tool for new challenges.

Focus Areas

Research Content (compact):

  • Development of measurement methods and devices
  • measure, drive and control of production and methods engineering processes

Technology Development:

  • Sector coupling
  • Power to X-Technologies 
  • CARNOT-Batteries
  • Green local and district heating 
  • Robotics
  • Digitalisation
  • Automation

Test Stands:

head of department

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Prof. Dr.-Ing.
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