Selected projects

Power Generation, Steam Generator and Fuel Technology

  • Development of a support furnace system based on dry lignite for flexibilisation of existing power plants - Optimisation of furnace

    The aim of this project was to increase load flexibility and optimize existing lignite-fired power plants. A back-up firing system based on dry lignite was developed, tested and installed in an existing power plant unit as a replacement for the previous oil-fired system. The ignition and back-up firing system is required for starting up the main firing system (ignition) and for stabilizing the mill fire in operating conditions with low boiler load (back-up operation). The use of highly refined dry lignite, innovative burner technology and good burner control capability thus increases the flexibility of lignite-fired power plants. As a result, the minimum load of the power plant unit can be reduced further than before and thus more electricity from renewable energies can be fed into the grid.  

    Our research work included the design and monitoring of the furnace, the investigation of the influence of the new back-up burners on slagging and fouling of the heating surfaces, investigations for the integration of the new pilot and back-up burners into the control system, and support for the power plant operator during test and trial operation. For this purpose, a mobile measuring and diagnostic system was used to monitor the furnace during trial operation. As part of the investigation of the processes in the furnace, the extensive data from the test and trial operation were analyzed and simulations were carried out. From this, recommendations for the operation and control of the furnace could be obtained. To prevent slagging and fouling of the heating surfaces, operating conditions were identified which pose particular risks in this context, and recommendations were made for the operation of the pilot and back-up burners.


  • Thermochemical and fluid-dynamical optimisation of a biomass fixed-bed gasification for cogeneration units (TCV III)

    Matter of this project are investigations for systems for thermochemical gasification of biomass to provide eletrical energy and heat. In doing so, the focus is on resolving the conflict between economic operation and the fulfillment of complex supply tasks.  

    The basic idea is to use selective catalytic effects of mineral aggregates and to apply innovative storage technologies as well as measurement and control concepts to solve the problem of time-delayed generation and use of electricity and heat. At the same time, the extent to which such plants can be integrated into existing supply systems is to be tested. The residual and waste materials generated by the process are to be reduced in terms of both quantity and composition so that they can be handled more economically. 

    New technologies of emission reduction in transient as well as in steady-state partial and nominal load operation are to be developed and tested under practical conditions. In addition, the recovery of important substances from the residual materials and their use as secondary raw materials is also the subject of our investigations.