in-house developed Software

  • simulation tool DynStar


    Our in-house development DynStar is a tool to model and simulate processes, which can be described by system models based on algebraic and differential equations. As a result, simulation of static and dynamic performance of the process and of its components (ICE - instrumentation and control engineering) becomes possible. With the use of the integrated fuzzy-Shell its possible to implement knowledge- or data-based models. Creation of a model is block-oriented (drag'n'drop) using a graphical userinterface as a human-machine-interface. Because of its ability to operate under realtime contraints and its included process interfaces DynStar  can be used for tasks like measurement, drive and control, operation, monitoring and visualization.

    areas of usage

    • modelling and simulation of dynamic and static system behaviour
    • simulation of instrumentation and control systems
    • simulation of processes of power generation systems
    • data aquisition and recording (time- or event-based)
    • process control and monitoring


    • graphical user interface
    • comprehensive number of included function blocks
    • support for various interfaces  (IO cards, TCP/IP, serial, ...)
    • macro support (system model as a function block)



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