Focus of Research

  • Energy storage systems for thermal processes with a focus on steam accumulator, displacement storage, phase change material storage (PCM)
    Development, design and engineering of storage concepts,
    Modeling and simulation (undefinedDynStar, EBSILON, ATHLET),
    Experimental investigations (undefinedtest facility THERESA)
  • Noninvasive measurement methods for state monitoring of systems
    Development of measurement methods,
    Modeling and simulation (undefinedDynStar, Matlab/Simulink, R),
    Experimental investigations (e.g. test facility NICoLe)
  • Computer-based safety I & C
    Structure analysis,
    Modeling and simulation (undefinedDynStar),
    Safety assessments of the observed structures

    • Plant and reactor safety
      Modeling and simulation (Model-aided measuring methods, soft computing) Thermohydraulics
    • Particle flow
      Methodical and experimental analyses
    • Soft Computing
      Fuzzy systems (Mamdani, Takagi-Sugeno-Kang)
      Artificial neural networks (Multilayer Perceptron)
      Genetic algorithms
    • Control engineering and process control
      Energy and process technology
    • Non-linear dynamical systems
      Fractal algorithms
      Cellular automata, MAS
      Chaos theory
    • Theoretical and experimental investigations
      Two-phase-flow water/steam/inert gas
    • Simulation technology


    • Image processing
      Object recognition, tracking, optical quality control
    • Automatic sensor data interpretation
      Recognition of pre-defined patterns in the sensor signal
    • Multisensor technology
      Stereo, TOF, IR, radar, multisensor-data fusion
    • Machine learning
      Monitored and unmonitored methods like SOM’s, PCA, SVM, artificial
      Neural Networks
    • OpenCV
      Intel open-source computer vision library for programming languages C und C++ with al-gorithms for image processing and machine vision
    • HALCON
      Commercial image processing system by MVTec-Software GmbH


    • Design and projecting automated- and mechatronic systems
    • Rapid-Prototyping, CAE
      Modeling and simulation of mechatronical systems
    • Magnetic bearing technology
    • Design and construction
      Control Engineering
      Power Electronics
    • Sensor Technologyg
    • Monitoring and technical diagnosis


    • Diagnosis and process optimization for combustion chambers and furnaces


    • thermotechnical system behaviour of power station units


    • Impact of fuel quality on combustion performance 

    • Development of measurement procedures of analog and digital technology


    • Development of power electronic units in the lower kW-range


    • Development of controlling elements for electric drives (rectifiers and inverters)


    • Contactless energy transfer


    • Evaluation and processing of electronic measurement technology

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Kratzsch

Department Measuring Technology / Process Automation

Building IVc / Room C 1.03

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Kästner

Department Nuclear Engineering / Soft Computing

Building IVc / Room C 1.03

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Worlitz

Department Mechatronic Systems

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Dipl.-Ing. U.-S. Altmann

Department Power Plant-, Steam Generator and Firing Technology

Building IVc / Room C1.06

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. T. Zschunke

Department Power Plant-, Steam Generator and Firing Technology

Building VII / Room 117

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Kühne

Department Applied Electronics

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