9:00-9:10Welcome und presentation of the University Zittau/Görlitz
9:10-9:15Opening of the seminar
Prof. Wolfgang Kästner, Associate Director of IPM
9:15-10:00Guest lecture of the morning session
Polish Ministry of Economy, Nuclear Energy Department
10:00-10:25An Experimental Rig for Validation of a Core State Diagnosis System
Sebastian Schmidt, HSZG
10:25-10:50Lanthanide incorporation in ceramic materials for conditioning of radioactive wastes
Nina Huittinen, HZDR / Institute of Resource Ecology
10:50-11:15Coffee break & Poster Session
11:15-11:40Investigations on the behavior of spent fuel pools under accident conditions – from ADELA-II to ALADIN
Christine Partmann, TUD
11:40-12:05System analysis of Experiments for specific measurements and modeling of boundary conditions at the balance limits
Hassan Chahi, HSZG
12:05-12:30Large-Eddy-Simulations for bubble flows
Tian Ma, HZDR / Institute of Fluid Dynamics
12:30-13:30Lunch Break
13:30-14:15Guest lecture of the afternoon session
Jan Rataj, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University
14:15-14:40Design and safety aspects of high temperature process heat supply
Max Schreier, TUD
15:05-15:20Coffee break & Poster Session
15:20-15:45Implementation of the CCCP methodology for pin-power reconstruction in DYN3D: first results
Dzianis Litskevich, HZDR/ Institute of Resource Ecology
15:45-16:10Influence of high temperature treatment on graphite dust - surface interaction by HTR primary coolant circuit materials
Holger Großmann, TUD
16:10-16:25Summary of the seminar and outlook
Dr. Sören Kliem, HZDR
16:25Visiting of the Laboratories / Test Facilities


Poster Session during Coffee breaks

Laser decontamination by ablation of thin films
Carsten Friedrich and Anton Anthofer, TUD
Development of a tubular solid oxide electrolyzer with integrated hydrocarbon synthesis
Stefan Lueddeckens, TUD
Sorption and Incorporation of Eu(III) on Calcite
Sophia Peschel, HZDR
Undesired air entrainment by vortex formation - experimental investigations on the resulting phase fraction distributions in a centrifugal pump using gamma-ray computed tomograph
Thomas Schäfer, HZDR
Nuclear license request for the radiation protection department at the Rossendorf Research Site
Jörg Hauptmann, VKTA
Analysis and evaluation of software-based I&C structures in safety-related 
Christian Vogel, HSZG
Particle release and -transport in the core of PWR



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