The Zittau power plant laboratory was created as part of three research projects in the years 2011 to 2015, the construction of three large-scale test facilities as well as several smaller test stands at the sites Schwenninger Weg 1 and Schliebenstraße 1. The large-scale test equipment is a magnetic bearing test stand, a modern thermal energy storage test system and a thermochemical test area. On November 5, 2015, the Zittau power plant laboratory was inaugurated.

The total cost for the three research projects amounted to about 7 million euros, of which 6.3 million came from the European Union and Saxony. The University of Zittau / Görlitz was involved in the financing of 10% of the total cost. For the refurbishment of the historic machine hall additional funds in the amount of approximately 1 million euros were invested.

The granting of three follow-up projects with a financial total volume of about EUR 3.7 million and a duration from 2016 to 2019 enable sustainable development of the Zittau power plant laboratories in the coming years.

Stadtwerke Zittau GmbH supported the project from the beginning. Viewed overall, the establishment of the Zittau power plant laboratory is the largest research investment since the founding of the University Zittau / Görlitz in 1992.

The following film shows impressive insight into all phases of construction, from the upgrading of the machine hall to commissioning large testing facilities. The video production of time-lapse photography, photos and videos to individual milestones illustrated within six minutes the enormous scale of the project.

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