Subcooled Boiling Test Rig

This test facility is constructed to generate boiling bubbles on different heated surfaces with artificial and statistic nucleation sites for subcooled flow boiling. Characteristics of this test facility are:

  • Rectangular flow channel: Test section with full optical access
  • Borosilicate glass for optical access to the heating surface
  • Calcium fluoride window as back panel with an electrically conductive and optically transparent coating

The test chamber allows the analysis of the evaporation cycle of single bubbles with optical measurement methods like high speed videometry and optical coherence tomography.

Furthermore, the surface
temperature distribution
of the heated surface can
be monitored with infrared
thermography during
the ebullition cycle of the
bubble. The result of these
experiments will be used
for the development of
wall boiling models to simulate
geometrically independent
heat transfer
phenomena during nucleate

Scheme of the test facility
“Subcooled Boiling“

Lab supervisor

Sören  Alt

Lab supervisor IPM

Haus VIIc / Raum 2

+49 3583 612-4879

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