Ring Line II

The Ring Line II allows the analysis of additional pressure loss caused by released particles accumulating on horizontal and vertical retaining devices (strainers, perforated sheets) in two-phase flows (solids and water).

Main characteristics of this test facility are:

  • Visual monitoring and the use of image processing systems at acrylic glass segments

  • Analysis of deposit and penetration behaviour of released particles at retaining devices at different flow rates

  • Integral experiments including analysis of sedimentation and re-suspension behaviour of particles at different flow rates

  • Analysis of accumulation behaviour of different released materials in complex flow geometries, e.g. inside a fuel assembly dummy
  • High expandability by additional modules like heating rod configurations

Scheme of the test facility “Ring Line II“

Lab supervisor

Sören  Alt

Lab supervisor IPM

Haus VIIc / Raum 2

+49 3583 612-4879

+49 3583 612-3449
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