Our skills

  • Experimental and theoretical investigations for the certification of modification requests in German nuclear power plants (financed by operating company or directly with the technical department)
  • Authoring of auditable final reports (TÜV, authority)
  • Realisation of recurring inspections (e.g. aging of insulation material)
  • Engineering treatments concerning process, measurement andautomation tasks
  • Design of test facilities by industrial requirements
  • Simulation of accidents and operating transients (ATHLET)
  • Uncertainty analysis of simulations
  • Adaptation/extension of simulation tools: development and implementation of math. physical. models for special industrial applications (e.g. power plant processes)
  • Validation and verification of simulation codes, e.g. ATHLET, CFX
  • Application of quality standard ISO 9001:2008 within the scientific - technical operations



Lab supervisor

Sören  Alt

Lab supervisor IPM

Haus VIIc / Raum 2

+49 3583 612-4879

+49 3583 612-3449
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