Biomass to Power and Heat 2018

06 June to 07 June 2018 on the Zittau Campus


A demand-oriented energy supply is the prerequisite for every economic system. Furthermore, environmental compatibility and economic efficiency of energy supply must be ensured. The modernisation of our energy supply system also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. In this context, bioenergy will play an important role in the future energy supply due to its wide range of applications, its basic climate friendliness and, above all, its good storage capacity.

"Biomass to Power and Heat "is dedicated - albeit not exclusively - to the energetic use of solid biomass in decentralised cogeneration plants. This takes into account the entire process chain from the cultivation, harvesting and processing of biomass, through the conversion process for the provision of useful energy to the problem of residues. The variety of technical approaches to this is enormous, but thermochemical biomass gasification will be one of the main topics of the event.

The experts and interested parties are given the opportunity to present and discuss their expe-riences, findings and scientific work. In addition to the development of cooperation with the neighbouring countries to the east, the contribution of decentralised biomass energy to the re-structuring of the energy system and employment in the lignite region of Lusatia is a particular focus this year, and thus the following question: How can coal-fired power plants be replaced by many decentralised renewable energy plants with comparable security of supply?

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Main topics

Topic group I:

Cultivation, harvesting and processing (including homogenization and quality certification) of woody and recultivation biomass, as well as residual, waste and by-products of biomass utilization

Topic group II:

System solutions for the decentralised generation of useful energy, in particular from biomass and its system integration and sector coupling, including the coupled thermal and electrical aspects

Topic group III:

Progress in the use of biomass for energy purposes in Eastern and Central Europe, among others

Topic group IV:

New findings on thermochemical biomass gasification and its use in the energy industry from science and practice


Results and impressions of the last years

Tagunsgband - Beiträge zum Fachkolloquium “Biomass to Power and Heat” 31.Mai - 01. Juni 2017 in Zittau, Autorenmanuskripte, hrsg. v. Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, Zittau 2017 - ISBN 978-3-941521-26-1

Tagunsgband - Beiträge zum Fachkolloquium “Biomass to Power and Heat” 01. - 02. Juni 2016 in Zittau, Autorenmanuskripte, hrsg. v. Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, Zittau 2016 - ISBN 978-3-941521-23-0

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Scientific Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Tobias Zschunke


Conference Office

Roman Schneider

Mareike Weidner
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