Department of Power Plant-, Steam Generator and Firing Technology

Focus of research

    • Power plant technology - process diagnosis and optimisation of operation
      Management of power plant systems, steam generators and firing systems and thermochemical conversion plants
      Thermodynamic and operational evaluation of power plant cycle processes and complex thermal engineering processes
      Dynamic behavior of energy systems: operational transients, accident scenarios, load change behavior, minimum load

    • Complication analysis and condition monitoring for firing systems
      Slagging / fouling of heating surfaces and flue gas routes
      Heat transfer
      Pollutant emissions
      Ignition and combustion behavior
      Grinding and drying in fan mills

    • Modeling and Simulation
      Stationary and fluid dynamic simulation of power engineering systems, components and test facilities
      Differential equations and thermodynamic equilibrium calculations
      Mass and energy balances

    • Data analysis, modeling and optimization of energy-converting processes
      Statistical methods and curve fitting procedures
      Cluster analysis
      Artificial Neural Networks
      Genetic algorithms

    • Review of firing performance of fuels
      Lignite and hard coal
      Biofuels (energy biomass and biogenic by-products)
      Alternative fuels

    • High-temperature measurement methods
      Monitoring and management of combustion in steam generator with radiometric temperature measurement



    Contact person

    Dipl.-Ing. U.-S. Altmann

    Department Power Plant-, Steam Generator and Firing Technology

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    Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. T. Zschunke

    Department Power Plant-, Steam Generator and Firing Technology

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