Prof. Dr. phil. F. Albrecht (Rector of HSZG)
09:10-09:15Opening of the Seminar
Prof. W. Kästner (HSZG-IPM)
09:15-10:00 Guest Lecture: Reaktorsicherheitsforschung in Deutschland ohne Zukunft? Weit gefehlt - Aktuelle Gegenbeispiele
U. Stoll (GRS, Scientific and Technical Director)
10:00-10:25Poster Presentation
J.A. Nöpel, A. Moonesi, T. Bollermann, E. Diaz Pescador, U. Medger, N. Bernt, M. Zwicker, P. Zedler, D. Fiß
10:25-10:50Graphite particles on hot metallic surfaces and their behavior under high temperature conditions
A. Andreas (TUD-WKET)
10:50-11:15Coffee Break & Poster Session
11:15-11:40Verification of ATHLET against TRACE on Superphenix start-up tests
V. A. Di Nora (HZDR, Institut für Resourcenökologie)
11:40-12:05Investigation of three-dimensional bubbly two-phase flow
M. Neumann (HZDR, Institut für Fluiddynamik)
12:05-12:30Development of a ceramic material technology for energy storage applications on molten chloride salt basis
L. Schmies (TUD-WKET)
13:30-13:55Experimental investigations to density driven exchange of gases at the upper part in PWR-spent fuel pool racks with an extended 3 x 1 FA-dummy configuration
H. Chahi (HSZG-IPM)
13:55-14:20Two-scale CFD analysis of a spent fuel pool involving partially uncovered fuel storage racks
R. Oertel (HZDR, Institut für Fluiddynamik)
14:20-14:45Analysis of thermohydraulics in a partially uncovered nuclear fuel element
T. Hanisch (TUD-ISM)
14:45-15:10Coffee Break & Poster Session
15:10-15:35Speciation of U(IV) sulfate in aqueous solution – spectroscopic characterization and thermodynamic modelling
S. Lehmann (HZDR, Institut für Resourcenökologie)
15:35-16:00Simulation of PWR Neutron Flux Fluctuations with DYN3D
M. Viebach (TUD-WKET)
16:00-16:15    Summary of the Seminar and Outlook
16:15Posibility of Visiting Laboratories and Test Facilities


1)Numerical study of the mixing of steam and air in a fuel assembly in cross-flow
J.A. Nöpel, TUD-ISM
2)Flow morphology and heat transfer analysis during high-pressure steam condensation in an inclined tube   
A. Moonesi, Institut für Fluiddynamik
3)Formation and evolution of porosity pattern in calcite-bearing rocks
T. Bollermann, Institut für Resourcenökologie
4)Multidimensional flow mixing capabilities of ATHLET during an overcooling transient in a generic PWR   
E. Diaz Pescador, Institut für Resourcenökologie
5)A mobile system for in-vivo-measurement in emergency
U. Medger, VKTA
6)The Training Reactor AKR-2 - A low flux neutron source for training and research in neutron science   
N. Bernt, TUD-WKET
7)Development of a laser-based joining process for the production of high-temperature-resistant compounds of ceramic and metallic components for the application in an AMTEC-D
M. Zwicker, TUD-WKET
8)Experimental investigation of cross-overflow in spent fuel pools using the test facility ALADIN
P. Zedler, TUD-WKET
9)Selected experimental and simulative results in the cooperative project DCS-Monitor

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